The James “Keko” Morrissey Memorial Fund (JKMMF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization (EIN 46-1966477) dedicated to delivering scholarships to Portsmouth High School seniors through the memory of James “Keko” Morrissey.

Keko was a standout baseball and basketball player at Portsmouth High and each year the JKMMF will award a scholarship to a deserving Clipper basketball/baseball player.

2013 is the initial year of the fund and the initial event will be a golf tournament aptly named “The Keko”. Members of the fund are actively working to make this tournament and future events a success.
Many of Keko’s family, friends and colleagues are involved running the fund.

Listed below are the core members, but there are many other people who are helping to make this endeavor a success.

JKMMF Members

  • Scot Neri
  • Trip Gray
  • Chris Vetter
  • Emmet O’Gara
  • Delvin Arnold
  • Mike Bernier
  • Rich Longuil
  • Scott McCauley
  • Mark McCauley
  • Ray Richardson
  • Matt Martin
  • Pete Joubert
  • Jason Brewster